Intuitive Healing

Ignite the wisdom and magic of your Divine essence.

Change your energy and you will change your life!

Everything is energy and all of our physical manifestations have an energetic foundation.  Have you ever wondered what energetic signs you hold out that tell the world how to treat you?!  If you are trying to change your life by influencing external circumstances, it is like trying to tame the ocean.  The only way to change what is showing up is to change what the magnet inside is attracting. 

Intuitive healing sessions bring channeled guidance about the situations going on in your life, as well as healing to your energy centers and auric field. In these sessions your entire being is infused with higher frequencies of love and light, offering the opportunity to clean the slate and initiate new beginnings. 

Intuitive Healing Sessions

Intuitive healing sessions combine receiving messages from Spirit, reading the underlying energy of the situation, followed with energetic healing techniques to align a client with their desired and most benevolent outcomes.  Healing techniques used in sessions include chakra and aura balancing, white light infusions, Shamanic Healing Journeys, Reiki, Earth magnetism and Divine connection. Sessions result in purification and rejuvenation, allowing clients to realign with their inner compass.

The Big Shebang

1 HR Intuitive Session $130

Monthly Sessions $115 per Session 

These sessions are like therapy on steroids! They combine talk therapy while I read the energy of the client and situation to help bring clarity to what is at the root of the issue. Insight is gained as to the true motives of others and reveals underlying relationship dynamics.  Energetic healing techniques are used to release unwanted patterns and attachments, and to help process the emotions that are holding them in place.

Whether you are in a crisis, going through a significant transition, or just in need of some insight... this session will offer life changing perspectives and opportunities! Sessions are 60 minutes and are located in Lafayette or are over the phone.

Short & Sweet

30 Minute Intuitive Phone Session $65

If you just need a few quick answers, you can schedule a 30 minute call! Reading and healing will take place just like in the hour session but it will be short and sweet and does not include a follow up process.

Intuitive Healing for Kids and Pets

1 HR Intuitive Session $130

Giving a voice to the voiceless! Schedule a session to provide healing of emotional trauma and disruptive patterns involving your loved ones.

In the midst of learning to conform to societal and family expectations, children and pets can end up feeling insecure, unheard and misunderstood. Emotional and behavioral issues are a common result of a being who's internal compass and self trust has been over shadowed. Once these conflicts are realized they can easily be solved and the path can be re-written.

Our children and pets are our teachers as much as they are our students! Understanding the soul purpose and challenges of your dependents can greatly help you guide and care for them.

Your loved one is welcome to be present at the session or not! Sessions are occurring at the level of energy which can be tuned into regardless of physical proximity.

Questions? Contact me via email or at 303-589-1531

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