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Change your energy and you will change your life!

These guided meditations are designed to connect you with the Divine and with your inner wisdom.

They include energetic healing techniques and sound healing frequencies that will bring restoration to your body and invite magic into your life. 

You have likely been trying to change your life by focusing on external circumstances.  The only way to change what is showing up is to change what the magnet inside is attracting.   


White Light Chakra Healing

Get ready for some magic!  This white light chakra healing will change every aspect of your life.  It will release stagnant, programmed and absorbed energies that have accumulated as a result of your life experiences and will realign you with your intended life force frequency.  The white light infusion will purify your energy system and invite Divine energy into your body and into your life.

Kids Self Balancing Meditation

This is a guided meditation to help kids shake off their day and realign with their own energy.  Kids are like sponges and easily absorb emotions, opinions and stress from others.  It is a perfect addition to your families pre-bedtime routine! 

In creation, stay tuned! 

Relationship Healing Meditation 

If you want something to change in your current relationship or are ready to begin a new one, this is for you!! This meditation uses breath, visualization, sound, and energy healing techniques to release the energy and emotions associated with past sexual experiences and the limited beliefs that are keeping you from attracting the relationship of your dreams. 

In creation, stay tuned! 

Do you need to record an audio?!

Sloane Michael with Quantum Blueprint is the sound producer and musical artist behind these meditations.  

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Quantum blueprint

Quantum Blueprint is a music catalog designed with a specific intention. The compositions and sound design elements from Quantum Blueprint have been created to enhance the experiences of relaxation, meditation, well-being, positive emotional activation, inspiration, yoga, balancing and stimulating natural deep sleep to name a few.  The compositions are infused with various vibrational tones and frequency overlays specific to various physical, mental and emotional states of being. This collective of music is an inspirational lifestyle brand representative of the emerging Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability media content. P Sloane Michael is the composer, producer and sound engineer for Quantum Blueprint and it’s growing catalog of projects.



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